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Solitude Is The Future

Artist: Various

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 010
Format: Tape-2
Brian Noring:
Five months it took me to assemble this double 90 minute compilation cassette, and it sums up quite nicely most of the fine folks I was in contact with at the time. I sent out an offer to each of the participants to send up to 15 minutes of material - some sent more (Moth) while others only contributed a few minutes (Peterson Mixes). The title is a reference to most of the projects on this tape - one person outfits who record their music / sounds in their own homes by themselves. Contributors include: Raised In Meat, 360 Sound, Not Breathing, The Earwigs, EHI, Moth, Sonic Disorder, Friction Wound, Peterson Mixes, Aphasia, Clot, Elements Of Pain, Naked Insects, Shiticide, Morbid Vomit and Bete Noire. Close to three hours of noise, electronic, ambient, experimental and shit noise.