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Spanner 35 - Various Artists PIECES by Divers Hands for Howard Skempton composer and accordionist,edited by Harry Gilonis

Press/Orga: Spanner

Year: 1997
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit
Description: by John Tilbury, Trevor Clarke, Michael Parsons,  Ken Edwards, Christian Wolff, James Hugonin, Walter  Zimmermann, Simon Cutts, Michael Finnissy, Simon Smith,  Allen Fisher, Richard Caddel, Dave Smith, Keith Rowe, Donald  Mitchell, John White, Ian Pace, David Belli ngham, Laurence Crane, Tom Raworth, Mark R. Taylor, Miles Champion, Tony  Baker, Richard Barrett, Colin Sackett, Tomas A. Clark, David  Connearn, Harry Gilonis, Chris Newman, Gael Turnbull,  Christoper Hobbs, John Bevids, David Rees