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Stimulus & Response

Artist: Jeff Central & Pat Grafik

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: International Terrorist Network
Format: Tape


A1 J.C.* & P.G.* Into The Nerve  
A2 J.C.* & P.G.* Excerpt From HelloHell  
A3 P.G.* aNnEyVmEoRre  
A4 J.C.* From Musick Dekalkulation  
A5 J.C.* Tape Manipulation  
B1 P.G.* Images & Alterations (Part Of Exhibition Presented At Delta College, 12/10/84)  
B2 J.C.* From M.D.  
B3 P.G.* Dens Of Set  
B4 J.C.* CPU  
B5 Unknown Artist Untitled  
B6 J.C.* From M.D.  


Early release on ITN from the mid 1980s.