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Stoner Burner

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Skeletons Making Love Vol 2.
Format: Tape


A1 Playground (2) Last Laugh Dolphing.  
A2 Howl In The Typewriter Gronk-Labyrinth 7. Live  
A3 The Apostles (3) Heavy Metal  
A4 Demolition Company* Echo The Pain  
A5 The S-Haters White Light White Heat. Live  
A6 The Regular Guys Depression.  
A7 Vee v.v.* Keep Beat. Live  
A8 Nails Ov Christ Vatican Victims.  
A9 Dark Corridor Getting Paranoid  
B1 Vee v.v.* Kindest Cut. Live  
B2 Howl In The Typewriter Close.  
B3 The Cat & Mouse Band* When The Warm Weather Comes.  
B4 The Apostles (3) The Dispossessed.  
B5 Demolition Company* Tragic Abuse.  
B6 The Regular Guys I'm So Unlovable. Live  
B7 Manic Jabs Marching Song. Live  
B8 Celestial Orgy Aniseed.  
B9 Birth Of Tradgedy* Jonestown Overture.  



Track 9 listed as "Geting Paronoid"
A4 folded sleeve,cassette is a standard TDK D90