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Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Description: Stragula floods the world since the beginning of the 80ies with its cassette tapes. The simple mono-lofi-4-track recordings range in the grey zone between rock, independent, pre-techno, punk and folk-music. Besides the traditional instruments of a rock band Stragula uses "prehistoric" electronic keyboards, such as Casio MT-65, Yamaha PSR-27, Bontempi organ, Dr. Boehm organ, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55, Hohner Organa, the monophone Korg Micro-Preset synth … After the successful release of the debut CD “Stragula Meets The Hangman” on “Snowdonia” (Italy) and “Mizmaze” (Italy) in 2000, the one-man-project turned to be a band. The band plays a number of Stragula’s own composition as well as popular Punk, Metal, Rock and Country covers. In 2005 Stragula recorded their CD “Bier” and the student’s magazine “Extrahertz” produced a video of the english version “Beer” and another video of the older number “Driving Fast” for a local TV station. In 2009 followed the third video for Extrahertz, called “Chaussures Rouges”. Plushbug: Organ, Voice, Effects Stragman (Graf Stragula): Organ, Voice, Bass The Briggenatra: Electric Guitar Bernd C.: Drums Juan Schmälzle: Trumpet