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Stranger Days

Artist: Hidious In Strength

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X C15
Format: Tape
A01 Underwater Identification Process  
A02 Wire Used - As Effective Recourse  
A03 In Transit  
A04 OXY - The Metal City  
B01 Tactical Alert  
B02 Domestic Encounter  
B03 Medical Research With Glass  
B04 Subhuman Advancement  
B05 Ignited Forcefield  
B06 RQ-77 Eliminator  
B07 International Testing  
B08 Innercity Transport Tube  
B09 Humanoid Activity  
B10 Music / As Ear Pleasure  
Recorded in 1984. This music is made for total isolation and mood state. It is impossible to hear music contained on the tape subliminally, unless headphones are used.

Instruments: Synthesizers, machines, Rhythm Processors, Electronic Signals, & Computer.
A total of 500 copies were produced.