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Sweet Zurospectacles

Artist: Zut Un Feu Rouge

Year: 1986
Country: Sweden
Catalog No: Bauta Records; BAR 8605
Format: Tape
A1 Kom An Dá, 1986  
A2 Bonden Sark, 1982  
A3 Tom Thermos, 1981  
A4 Fragment Av Fárfamilij, 1985  
A5 Mus Musculus, 1985 Live  
A6 Sá Hal Realism, 1982  
A7 Sumo, 1981 - 1986  
A8 Zut Un Feu Rouge, 1982 Live  
B1 Autumn Leaves, 1986  
B2 Var Ä Ja, 1982  
B3 Stomping Down Ephesus, 1985  
B4 Skog Av Hat, 1981  
B5 Död Pá Krita, 1985 Live  
B6 Indian Holiday, 1986  
B7 Lachens Lullaby, 1986  
  • Bass, Saxophone [Tenor] – Gunnar Johansson
  • Clarinet, Saxophone [Alto] – Peter De Leeuw
  • Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Mats Andersson (3)
  • Keyboards, Strings, Vocals – Lars Jonsson
  • Percussion – Lars Druid
  • Saxophone [Alto] – Klaus Fischer
  • Voice – Bent Fredrikson, Krister Östlund
Sweet Zutrospectacles is a retrospective collection of songs written and recorded by Zut un feu rouge from 1986 to 1986. Our aim is to present the varying faces of Zut un feu rouge as supplement to our records Kafka vs. Chaplin and Who's afreud. This tape includes studio recordings, live recordings and jam sessions, all gathered as a 60 minutes spectacular hotchpotch for the listeners pleasure and digestion. ZUT UN FEU ROUGE.