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TOPY TV : Tribute to PTV

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Italy
Label: Topy TV
Catalog No: Topy TV
Format: Tape
    SIDE 1
1) –Thee Templebeat* Ov Power  
2) –The Conventional Just Drifting  
3) –Umano Troppo Umano Terminus  
4) –Disumana Res Fear  
5) –Solar Lodge Those Who Do Not  
    SIDE 2
6) –R. Biasin Acid Vampire Drone Zone  
7) –Therabaqud Leic Catalan  
8) –Jesus Fucks Magdeleine Oedipus In The Nursery  
9) –Vittore Baroni In The Nursery  
10) –Majorana Neurology  
11) –Nekrophilia Skinhead Moonstomp  
A collection ov songs/themes/anthemes ov PSYCHICK TELEVISION. Performed, arranged, deranged by Italian Experimental Bands. Assembled by TOPY access point TV Italy