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Artist: Wet Taxis

Year: 1981
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS008
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Dare You (Live)  
A2 But Mono Never Dies  
A3 Wind Up Toys  
A4 Max And Peter Marmite Jar  
A5 Felate Your Baby  
A6 Miniamata  
A7 Fp219  
A8 Theme For A Bitch  
A9 The Worm Has Turned  
A10 Untitled 1/2/3  
B1 Vomit  
B2 Nun Strike  
B3 Cerebral Damage  
B4 My Boy Lollipop  
B5 Untitled (Live)  
B6 Make Cake (Live)  
B7 Boom (Live)  
B8 Rhythm  
B9 Doll Hospital  
B10 Polio Baby  
B11 Fingernail Biter  
B12 Rubber Balunes  
B13 I Must Have Drunk Too Much Rum  
  • Bass – Tim Knuckey
  • Drum Machine – Garry Bradbury
  • Vocals, Guitar – Simon Knuckey
All songs by Wet Taxis - Garry Bradbury, Simon Knuckey, Tim Knuckey.

Assembled from bits off 1,000 Cassettes.
Compurhythm - Guitar + Effects - Bass + Effects - Vocals - Minipops - Noise? - Kazoo - Clarinet - TV Game - Wineglasses + Tapes - Piano - Utensils - Home Made Oscillators - Amp Hum

Notes: A C60 cassette released in January of 1981 in a 7” sleeve. The 1982 reissue was in a cassette box with full colour artwork.