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Tears Compilations

Years running:
Country: France

Label run by José Vinci


Born in Spain in 1961, José Vinci began his music career in 1984 as a member of Urbain Autopsy. The group split in 1988 so José Vinci decided to continue solo under the pseudonym SHA 261, a nickname that had been given to him when he was a young punk, in 1977. In March 1989, SHA 261, self-pronounced as “non-musician” but as well influenced by the music as of The Residents, Renaldo & the Loaf, psychedelic music of the late 60s and early 70s and krautrock began recording producing various limited cassette releases and proposing international cassette compilations on his own non-profit and anti-profit association Tears Compilations. SHA 261 music doesn’t have to be specified. He often plays piano tinkered with spontaneous clattering manipulations. Every compilation was introducing four different projects with participation of fifteen minutes recording from each. If participation seemed too interesting, Vinci proposed an offer to release a solo cassette from the desired project.


Tears Compilations & SHA 261

Hameau de Gournay, Rte St Martin du Manoir,

76290 Montivilliers