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The Curiosity Shop

Artist: Funeral Danceparty

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: FDC 01
Format: Tape
A1 Birds  
A2 Footsteps  
A3 Negative Or Print  
A4 Time  
A5 Sliphorn Jazz  
A6 Dinosaur Loose  
A7 Radio Interview  
A8 All Aboard  
A9 Listening In  
A10 Emotional Closet  
A11 Stalemate  
A12 Sudden Departure  
A13 Heartless  
  • Performer [Uncredited], Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Recorder, Organ, Drums, Percussion, Electronics [Radio], Tape, Effects – Anthony Bourges, Philip Rupenus, Richard Rupenus
Recorded July 1979 - March 1980.

One-sided cassette. No labels. Xerox / collage cover (each one unique.) Came with an A4 xerox incl photos, track-listing and various quotes. Edition of approximately 100 to 150.

’Sold’ free (for blank cassette & SAE) via ‘Sounds’ UK national magazine and various UK fanzines.