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The Howling Truth Mata Rara

Artist: Charles Laurel / Eric Muhs / Mike Torrey

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Specific Ocean Music / Invisible Music
Format: Tape
AA   To The Library

AB   Inside These Books

AC   I'm Putting Ideas In Your Head

AD   Libros

AE   Sarkhan For The Sarkhanese

AF   Thing In My Hand

AG   Denunciation

AH   Shock & Rage
    To The World  
    The Howling Truth (Cont.)  

BI   Whose Son Are You ?

BJ   Truth Control

BK   On The Campaign Trail

BL   Hounding Me

BM   I Hate Your Hate

BN   Spread The Truth

BO   The End

BP   Wings Of Truth

BQ   Epitaph
  • Composed By [Conceived], Producer [Produced By] – Charles*, Eric*
  • Drum Programming [The Rest Of The Drum Programming], Sequencer [The Rest Of The Midi Sequences], Bass, Guitar, Saw – Charles Laurel
  • Musician – Charles Laurel, Eric Muhs, MIke Torrey*
  • Trumpet [The Trumpets], Drum Programming [Half Of The Drum Programs], Sequencer [Half Of The Midi Sequences], Other [Crystals], Keyboards, Bass, Guitar – Eric Muhs
  • Words By [Exactly Half The Words] – Charles Laurel, Eric Muhs
Released with a double-sided, photocopied on pink paper j-card with two inner flaps.
Clear chrome cassette with hand-written label sticker on side A and die-cut inner part of the sticker on side B.

Conceived & produced in the spring of 1990.

Continuous track-"numbering" on release. Instead of numbers, the alphabeth is used here as all tracks are part of the whole rock opera.

"This casssette tells the story of a shy bibliophile who is magically attracted to a mysterious book in a library. As he reads the book, he learns the truth about far away places. He comes to realize that our entire race is linked in a network of greed & lies. This leads him to denounce a politician speaking on the library steps, eventually causing the politician's downfall. The book suggests to the bibliophile that this is only a starting point in a worldwide quest for the truth."

Special Thanks to:
Gabriella Gutiérrez, Margaret Spilker for putting up with it.
Richard Nixon & Hunter Thompson for writing it down.
    To The Library  
    The Howling Truth