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The Lost Missile Outtakes, Volume 1 - 1987-1990

Artist: Alien Planetscapes

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes aT 0.005a
Format: Tape
A1 11/13/87... excerpt from "Spacerock :88"  
A2 6/11/88... Untitled - previously unreleased  
A3 8/4/88... "Indian Point Blues" - from "The Greenhouse Effect"  
A4 2/17/89... "Stand By" (Richard Pinhas) - from "Rap"  
B1 6/14/89... "Amon Düül II" - excerpt from "Celestial Dance Hits"  
B2 7/15/89... Untitled - previously unreleased  
B3 12/27/89... "Dahli Lama" - previously unreleased  
B4 11/3/90... "Too Funky in Heah" - from "Radio Special Vol. III"  
Compilation of material from deleted earlier cassettes and exclusive new unreleased recordings.