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The Young Lions

Artist: The Young Lions

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Amphibious Records, A 003
Format: Tape
A1 Secret Rivals  
A2 No News, Strange Rumours  
A3 In My Favour  
A4 To Go Up Backwards  
A5 The Ground  
A6 Turned Heads  
A7 Trust Came Back  
A8 Shouts Of Wild Laughter  
A9 Blind Spots  
A10 The Greatest Pleasure  
B1 Neat Little Tower  
B2 Vague  
B3 All The Places Where A Bulgarian Could Be Born  
B4 Laughing In The Rocking Boat  
B5 Because  
B6 Suspicious  
B7 Hurt  
B8 Crazy Circle  
B9 On My Guard  
B10 Blind Spot  
B11 Loosing Blood  
Recordings from 1979-1980.