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They Brought the Stratosphere

Artist: Peter Becker

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Ambivalence Scale Recordings, ASR 004
Format: Tape
A1 Daydream 2:04
A2 Aborigine Spirit Dance 2:31
A3 Radioactive Wasteland 2:23
A4 Arabesque 1:00
A5 My Daughter 1:42
A6 Theme For The Italian Tourist Board 0:41
A7 Canine Interruption 0:53
A8 An Evening At Home 1:42
A9 Spider Noise / Ant Noise 2:49
A10 Car Chase 0:42
A11 The Uncontrollable Bubble Machine 1:26
A12 Whale Songs 1:02
A13 Music For Nurses; Days - Music For Nurses; Nights 2:33
A14 A Pop Record 1:33
B1 Nuneaton 2:15
B2 Elucidation Of Hands 1:58
B3 Zawinul Surf 0:36
B4 Slow Motion Glide 1:36
B5 Flight 1:00
B6 Pointless Arguement 1:31
B7 Choice Of Direction 4:35
B8 Parkers Walkabout 2:34
B9 Music For Playgrounds 2:12
B10 Riot In Cell Block No. 9 0:52
B11 Fear Poem 0:45
B12 Vague Interview 3:16
  • Drums – Phil Clarke (2)
Recorded in bits 1979/80.
Final trim July 1980.
"Fear Poem" and "Riot In Cell Block No. 9" was recorded 1977 at N.N.W.C.T.A.

Playing times are not on item but stopped