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To Reinforce The Puzzling Effect Or To Intensity The Enigmatical Impression MASTER-Tape

Artist: La Loora

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Label: 235 Media
Catalog No: 235 Media
Format: Tape
Spezification: Master
A1 Your Bathroom 2:34
A2 Che Sciffo 1:53
A3 Now, Look Here 3:04
A4 All In The One-Four-Two 1:42
A5 M. S. 2:45
A6 Leopard Skin 1:13
A7 Early Summer 1:47
A8 Zugleich 0:08
A9 Good Time 2:36
B10 Situation A 1:49
B11 The Planet's Physics 5:24
B12 Roses 2:02
B13 Stream / Storm 1:20
B14 Cycle 1:59
B15 Through D. 2:08
Red and green offset printed cover. Red tape with green on white printed label stickers. The covers prefolding was errorous (the spine was to wide), resulting in somewhat misshapen covers.

Continuous tracknumbering on release.