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Traveler's Companion

Artist: Sonic Disorder

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 012
Format: Tape
A1 I Can't Believe This Is Happening (Excerpt)  
A2 Ragnar Is Drunk  
A3 Dead Batteries Included (Excerpt)  
A4 Unconcious Nightmare (Excerpt)  
A5 Trauma  
A6 The Anti Universe Pt. 2  
A7 Live 6/28/93 (Excerpt)  
B1 No More To Say (Excerpt)  
B2 Blunted (Excerpt)  
B3 Gimson Weed (Excerpt)  
B4 Confessions Of A Misanthope (Excerpt)  
B5 Lust Extreme (Excerpt)  
B6 Catatonic Nightmare  
B7 Bizarre & Twisted Ways To Make Human Scum Deaf (Total Disorder Mix)  
B8 Nothing But Annoying Static Pt. 5
Brian Noring wrote:
At least at the time Erik Disorder's project Sonic Disorder was known mostly for it's split releases which were scattered all over the globe on various underground labels. I proposed the offer to release a compilation and Erik took me up on it. Tracks and excerpts from 15 different recordings. I created the cover and named the release, which Erik decided to continue with at least two other volumes (one on LP!). A fine sampling of interesting lo-fi noise and experimental from 1993 to 1995, also the first ever full length tape by an artists other then FDR homeboys (aka Shawn Kerby or myself). 90 minutes.