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Trespassers W

Gender: Male
Country: France
Description: Trespassers W (TW) started in 1984 as a duo, consisting of Cor Gout vocals/lyrics) and Wim Oudijk (instruments/compositions/arrangements). In this early stage TW recorded one 7" EP (Burn It Down), one album (Straight Madness) and one 12" EP (Paris In Between The Wars). During this period Cor Gout performed with backing tapes and a performance group. TW was from the beginning not only a music group, but also an organisation, stimulating and organising cultural events, a magazine and a local radio programme called 'Mondain Den Haag'. In 1986 Cor Gout formed a band with Lukas Simonis (guitar), Frank van den Bos (keyboards), Ronnie Krepel (bass) and Bart Vos (drums). In this line-up TW recorded an album for the British 'Dead Man's Curve'-label, entitled 'Pretty Lips Are Red' (1986). With Hayo den Boeft on bass and Ronnie Krepel on drums TW did a live-session for Belgium's BRT 3 (national radio), later to be released as the cassette 'The Ghost Of The Jivaro Warrior' (1987). Later that same year the group recorded the 'Dummy' double-LP which came out in 1988. With Peter Bos on drums and Ronnie Krepel back on bass and with help from guest musicians such as Jos (The Ex) and Jos 'Dorpsoudste' de Jong, Frans Friederich, Raymund van Santen and Dolf Koeienverhuur (also the producer), TW recorded the 'Potemkin' LP (1989) which had 5 songs on one side and one long suite, Potemkin (story and music recreating Eisenstein's classic film of the same name) on the other. Bart Vos, Colin McLure, Cor Gout, Cor Hoogerdijk, Frank Van Den Bos, Hayo Den Boeft, Lukas Simonis, Peter Bos, Ronnie Krepel, Wim Oudijk