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Victims Of Circumstance / Speechless

Artist: The Third State

Year: 1993
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Obscure Delight; Obs 19
Format: Tape
A1 Deep In Your Heart  
A2 Perfect World  
A3 Victims Of Circumstance  
A4 Drowning In Technology  
A5 That Will Do Nicely  
A6 The Cold City  
A7 Everything You Never Wanted  
A8 Don't Walk Away  
A9 Cool Jazz  
A10 Cross Culture  
B1 Welcome  
B2 The Opportunist  
B3 Melancholia  
B4 One Clear Day  
B5 Quasi Regale  
B6 The Weird One  
B7 Bad Day In Heaven  
B8 A. S. 2  
B9 Conviction  
B10 In Subconscious Moments  
B11 On The Loose  
B12 Downwards  
Notes minimal/synth from the UK

Side A = The Third State - Victims Of Circumstance
Side B = The Third State - Speechless