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Voice Of Theatre

Artist: Solanaceae Tau

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Nihilistick Noise, 04
Format: Tape
A1 Nautilus Collection 1:30
A2 Slave Punk 1:50
A3 Tekno Pop 1:24
A4 Veitstanz Amplitude 2:19
A5 Disguise 1:34
A6 Rausch Der Leidenschaft 3:49
A7 Commercial Cherubim 4:03
A8 What's The Dada-Toys 2:00
A9 The Blow Up Moment 3:11
A10 Sense Of Chaos 3:10
B1 Amon Ra Ar Noma 2:37
B2 Psychedelic Toys 2:58
B3 Cosinus System 1:07
B4 Voice Of Theatre 2:01
B5 Mr. Important 3:03
B6 Air Land Battle 2:06
B7 Vatikano 3:03
B8 Europes Funeral Party 1:40
B9 Wir Wollen 3:49
B10 Pythagoras Evokation 2:01
  • Tape, Synthesizer, Strings, Drums [Rhythm] – Fenrir (2)
  • Vocals, Keyboards – Katmaina
Limited edition of 25 copies.