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Vomito Negro

Artist: Vomito Negro

Year: 1987
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Etiquette Records ER 010
Format: Tape-4
A1 –Vomito Negro Yellow Fever  
A2 –Vomito Negro Radio Silence  
A3 –Vomito Negro Ease The Pain  
A4 –Vomito Negro Jhaza  
C1 –Vomito Negro Fire  
C2 –Vomito Negro High Society  
C3 –Vomito Negro Talking Town  
C4 –Vomito Negro Tram 7  
C5 –Vomito Negro My Doll Is Dying  
C6 –Vomito Negro Subway Walk  
C7 –Vomito Negro Yellow Fever  
C8 –Vomito Negro Total Destruction  
D1 –Vomito Negro Suicide Babe  
D2 –Vomito Negro Something Different  
E1 –Vomito Negro Justice  
E2 –Vomito Negro Seq  
E3 –Vomito Negro Your Captain's Speaking  
E4 –Vomito Negro Conversation  
F1 –Vomito Negro Lost In Time  
F2 –Vomito Negro All You Need  
F3 –Vomito Negro Mister President  
G1 –Vomito Negro Heartbeat  
G2 –Vomito Negro In Reverse  
G3 –Vomito Negro Escape  
G4 –Vomito Negro On/Off  
G5 –Vomito Negro Weard Part I  
H1 –Vomito Negro Weard Part II  
H2 –Vomito Negro Decay  
H3 –Vomito Negro The Faktory  
H4 –Vomito Negro Kill Your Mind  
I1 –Vomito Negro Get Stuffed  
I2 –Vomito Negro Behind Clouds  
I3 –Vomito Negro Voices  
I4 –Vomito Negro Big Run  
J1 –Vomito Negro Staying Alife  
J2 –Vomito Negro Burn My Heart  
J3 –Vomito Negro Where Is Palmer?  
J4 –Vomito Negro Land Of Confusion  
J5 –Vomito Negro Marc Lane Data-Bank-A Klinik Absolute Body Control Blok 57 Attack: Jam Session  
  • Producer – Nico de Haan
  • Written-By – Guy Van Mieghem
Packed in a white plexiglass box.
Side B of the LP is blank.
Side C & D (tape 1) recorded Dec 84 - Sep 85
Side E & F (tape 2) recorded Oct 85 - Mar 86
Side G & H (tape 3) recorded May 86 - Nov 86
Side I & J (tape 4) recorded live Jan 87 - Aug 87

Limited edition of only 20 copies!