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Womens Problems

Artist: Zimbabwe Brothers

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Zimbabwe Brothers 2
Format: Tape
A1 Dallaska  
A2 First Degree Burn  
A3 Share, Share, Share  
A4 Phil Rouge / Handouts (Medley)  
A5 The 13th Chime  
A6 Public Service Information  
A7 Exporting To Island  
A8 New Cancer  
A9 Action Man  
A10 Algonquin Time Again  
A11 Indication  
A12 Fat Boy  
A13 Seven Days In An Unmade Bed  
B1 Happy Times We Live In  
B2 Freephone  
B3 A Happy Surfing Summer  
B4 Games  
B5 Waiting For Something To Happen  
B6 I Fought The Tribual (And The Tribunal Won)  
B7 Luxury Fosters Trade  
B8 Annies Song (Sympathie Without Feeling)  
B9 Funky Tory