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Your Pet

Artist: Second Auschwitz

Year: 1994
Country: Netherlands
Label: WW Tapes
Catalog No: WW Tapes 01
Format: Tape
A1 Destroy  
A2 Down And Out  
A3 State-Enemy  
A4 Lobotomy  
A5 You Stink  
A6 Stand Here Waiting  
A7 Acid Rain  
A8 Wondering Why  
A9 Cry Of The Country  
A10 Do You Care  
A11 New Hitler Arrives  
A12 Chance To Survive  
A13 Goals To Aim For  
A14 From Behind Bars  
A15 Ideology  
A16 Piss In The Boots  
A17 Slices Of Bread  
A18 Houses Of Parliament  
A19 Ain't You Yet Away  
A20 Ain't You Yet Away  
A21 Anti-Christs  
A22 Will Mankind Survive  
B1 Kill  
B2 God Is Dead  
B3 Hunger  
B4 Theright To Work  
B5 He's Pissed  
B6 The Stupid Be Silent  
B7 Parole Of Guns  
B8 Warlords  
B9 Eithanasia  
B10 Abandon Churches  
B11 Power Reduced  
B12 Pay The Rent  
B13 Need A Beer  
B14 Restricted Views  
B15 Don't Beat Around  
B16 Computer-Check  
B17 Cold Blood  
B18 We Built More Bombs  
B19 Sources Of Life  
Demo 1

Second Auschwitz: Smoelwerk; basgitaar; lead-gitaar; drums.
Prijs: Fl 3,-- (C-15 cassette; niet goed, geld kwijt!!)
een eeigen beheer produktie
wij hebben maling aan gladde produkties en repetities!!!
hard afspelen