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From The Heart Of Oblivion

Artist: Nick Riff

Year: 1990
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Delerium Records – DELC0004
Format: Tape
A1 Tripping Over Clouds  
A2 Sublime Prescription  
A3 Lost And Wild  
B1 No Sleep Tonight  
B2 Time Machine  
B3 Badge Of Rebellion  
  • All Sounds, Human And Otherwise: – Nick Riff
  • Cover Art & Graphic Design : Modified From The Original Work By – Geoff Reding
  • Equipment Technician: – J.D. Kimple
  • Executive Consultant: – Jim Clevo
  • Inspiration & Guru Stuff: – Mike Welker
  • Photo's & Flowers: – Debbie Lyon
Recorded at Oblivion Studio, Zanesville, Ohio, USA.
Remixed and produced by: John Lyon
Assistant Engineer and enhancement: Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Dedicated to the children of Rarn.

Brought to you by FREAKBEAT magazine.
Copyright 1989 Nick Riff (P) Delerium Records/Freakbeat Magazine
A Delerium Cassette - DELC0004