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at the Whitechapel

Artist: Mario Merz

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Audio Arts
Catalog No: Audio Arts Volume 5 Part 1
Format: Tape-2
    Audio Arts Magazine Volume 5 Number 2 Part 1
A –Mario Merz Untitled  
B –Mario Merz Untitled  
    Audio Arts Magazine Volume 5 Number 2 Part 2
C1 –Unknown Artist Untitled  
C2 –Peter Dunn, Loraine Leeson Untitled  
C3 –Gregg Kahn Untitled  
C4 –Chris Orr Untitled  
C5 –Dan Jones (15) Untitled  
C6 –Jeff Perks Untitled  
C7 –John Copnall Untitled  
D1 –Ray Walker (5) Untitled  
D2 –Eva Lockey Untitled  
D3 –Kate Kelly (4) Untitled  
D4 –The Russ Henderson Steel Band Untitled  
  • Compiled By [Selected] – Martin Rewcastle (tracks: C1 to D4), Vivian Lovell (tracks: C1 to D4)
  • Cover [Front Panel] – Double Igloo (tracks: A, B), Loraine Leeson (tracks: C1 to D4), Peter Dunn (tracks: C1 to D4)
  • Interviewer – William Furlong (tracks: C1 to D3)
  • Photography By [Photo] – Prudence Cuming (tracks: A, B)
This is a double issue of Audio Arts.
The second cassette (Part 2) features interviews with artists from East London.
C1 features voices of unnamed residents and workers on Whitechapel High Street.