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e Pluribus Moto

Artist: Masters of the Obvious (M.O.T.O.)

Year: 1993
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
I'm On Your Side I'm On It  
Straighten It Out  
It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake  
Everybody Knows  
6¢ Live On The Edge  
7¢ I Wanna Stick Myself  
8¢ Go Straight To Hell  
9¢ Cancer In My Dick  
10¢ Twilight Zone  
11 Transformoto  
12 Floating On A Cloud Of Love  
13 I'm Not Feeling For You  
14 Fate Takes A Stool  
15 Reading The Book Of My Life  
16 Original Party Saviour  
17 The Last Supper  
  • Guitar – Paul Caporino
  • Written By – Paul Caporino (tracks: all songs)
Self released cassette.
Same tracklisting as later LP version.
Hand labeled cassette.
Photocopied inlay card.
Paul Caporino made as many of these as he needed until cassettes were no longer that viable of a format.