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Laurie AndersonUnited StatesFemale
Sue Ann HarkeyUnited StatesFemale
Master/Slave RelationshipUnited StatesFemale
Diamanda Gal√°sUnited StatesFemale
Tara CrossUnited StatesFemale
Julie FrithUnited StatesFemale
Anna HolmerUnited StatesFemale
Miz Ellen and KCUnited StatesFemale
Anne LockwoodUnited StatesFemale
Anne Lockwood and Pauline OliverosUnited StatesFemale
About 100United StatesFemale
Sylvia DarlingUnited StatesFemale
SuckdogUnited StatesFemale
Yoko OnoUnited StatesFemale
Clara RockmoreUnited StatesFemale
Doris HaysUnited StatesFemale
Lydia LunchUnited StatesFemale
Rebby SharpUnited StatesFemale
Shelley HirschUnited StatesFemale
Frances-Marie UittiUnited StatesFemale
Jacki AppleUnited StatesFemale
Jean Erdman CampbellUnited StatesFemale
Joan La BarbaraUnited StatesFemale
Joyce LightbodyUnited StatesFemale
Laurie SpiegelUnited StatesFemale
Ellen ZweigUnited StatesFemale
J.JasmineUnited StatesFemale
Short-Term MemoryUnited StatesMale
Henry AronsonUnited StatesMale
Kerry LeimerUnited StatesMale
Steven CooperUnited StatesMale
MoebiusUnited StatesMale
BrainfoodUnited StatesMale
Sleep Chamber & This heatUnited StatesMale
Kerry NormanUnited StatesMale
Steven Jason HalpernUnited StatesMale
JEEMUnited StatesMale
Happy PeopleUnited StatesMale
Rascal ReportersUnited StatesMale
David SinfieldUnited StatesMale
Ear FoodUnited StatesMale
Michael BieryloUnited StatesMale
Michael GarrisonUnited StatesMale
Michael McNabbUnited StatesMale
Bill Rhodes & EverfriendUnited StatesMale
Young ScientistUnited StatesMale
Chuck LarrieuUnited StatesMale
SwansUnited StatesMale
Constance DembyUnited StatesMale
MilaUnited StatesMale
The Electric Guitar QuartetUnited StatesMale
David StorrsUnited StatesMale
WOZUnited StatesMale
Chuck PhillipsUnited StatesMale
Alexander RossUnited StatesMale
Ray AbelUnited StatesMale
Das Swinebolt WohnzimmerUnited StatesMale
Robert AshleyUnited StatesMale
X-Ray PopUnited StatesMale
Ed FreemanUnited StatesMale
BluetoyUnited StatesMale
AnodeUnited StatesMale
Mark D'AmicoUnited StatesMale
Gongs of ViolenceUnited StatesMale
Control VoltageUnited StatesMale
Seth BoveyUnited StatesMale
R.S. PearsonUnited StatesMale
John LoffinkUnited StatesMale
The GhostwritersUnited StatesMale
David Van TieghemUnited StatesMale
Black Iron PrisonUnited StatesMale
OxymoraUnited StatesMale
Crow WhiteUnited StatesMale
Frank GarveyUnited StatesMale
Kim Robertson & Singh KaurUnited StatesMale
Deborah Henson-ConantUnited StatesMale
Leon LowmanUnited StatesMale
John TeshUnited StatesMale
Dan Portis-CathersUnited StatesMale
KarmaUnited StatesMale
Dave Clark & Walter Drake & Bob Blaize & Steve Beckner & Ray Stewart & Jeph JermanUnited StatesMale
Marko Pezzati & Leslie StevensUnited StatesMale
Deckard CardwellUnited StatesMale
1348United StatesMale
Rupert Wondolowski / John Berndt / Karen EliotUnited StatesMale
John WigginsUnited StatesMale
Richard SorrentinoUnited StatesMale
Sylvan GreyUnited StatesMale
Jim BinkleyUnited StatesMale
Bogart & Per TheobaldtUnited StatesMale
The MuffinsUnited StatesMale
Reed MaidenbergUnited StatesMale
Musik WerksUnited StatesMale
Klang (John Di Stefano)United StatesMale
Cosmic DebrisUnited StatesMale
MiriodorUnited StatesMale
Neal DavisUnited StatesMale
Peter DavisonUnited StatesMale
Sandy SimpsonUnited StatesMale
Big Bwana PartsUnited StatesMale
Tom & Merty BandUnited StatesMale
Compos MentisUnited StatesMale
Jimmy LaytonUnited StatesMale
Don Valley ParkwayUnited StatesMale
C. W. VrtacekUnited StatesMale
Lawrence CraneUnited StatesMale
Terry J WardUnited StatesMale
David GildenUnited StatesMale
SporeUnited StatesMale
Hunting Lodge & In the NurseryUnited StatesMale
No-Y-ZUnited StatesMale
Andrew D. RathUnited StatesMale
Hunting Lodge & JarboeUnited StatesMale
Keith SlaneUnited StatesMale
Cedar Creek Sound alias Dave ButlerUnited StatesMale
Ron GeesinUnited StatesMale
Denis WiseUnited StatesMale
Craig AndertonUnited StatesMale
Darwin GrossUnited StatesMale
Andrew FranckUnited StatesMale
Celestial OdysseysUnited StatesMale
La Sonorité JauneUnited StatesMale
Big VillageUnited StatesMale
Vortex Campaign & New BlockadersUnited StatesMale
Mychael Danna & Tim ClementUnited StatesMale
David MyersUnited StatesMale
CelloUnited StatesMale
Steve MeehlederUnited StatesMale
Zazen ZafaunUnited StatesMale
John BenderUnited StatesMale
David NewhouseUnited StatesMale
Ron SlabeUnited StatesMale
Quantum LeapUnited StatesMale
ResidentsUnited StatesMale
ArcaneUnited StatesMale
Eric LundeUnited StatesMale
Life is BusyUnited StatesMale
Pat KinsellaUnited StatesMale
Ronna CohenUnited StatesMale
Data-Bank-AUnited StatesMale
Dog As MasterUnited StatesMale
XX CommitteeUnited StatesMale
Debt Of NatureUnited StatesMale
James EdwardsUnited StatesMale
ProblemistUnited StatesMale
Michael SumnerUnited StatesMale
Fast ForwardUnited StatesMale
M. StandishUnited StatesMale
Johanna WentUnited StatesMale
Peter WhiteheadUnited StatesMale
StahlbauUnited StatesMale
Mystery HearsayUnited StatesMale
Riccardo SinigagliaUnited StatesMale
Deficit Des Annes Anterieures (D.D.A.A.)United StatesMale
Etat BrutUnited StatesMale
MetgumbnerboneUnited StatesMale
Human FleshUnited StatesMale
BorbetomagusUnited StatesMale
Crash WorshipUnited StatesMale
Art, the only band in the worldUnited StatesMale
Ken Moore & Mike Preziosi & Mark Chance & Laurie Paisley and Larry JeterUnited StatesMale
Moore & RosenzweigUnited StatesMale
Ken MooreUnited StatesMale
Ken Moore and Wayne MyersUnited StatesMale
John DuncanUnited StatesMale
Arnold MathesUnited StatesMale
Gregory TaylorUnited StatesMale
William Ashley CooperUnited StatesMale
Neon NoodleUnited StatesMale
SmershUnited StatesMale
GestaltungUnited StatesMale
NomuzicUnited StatesMale
Viktimized KarcassUnited StatesMale
SchlafengartenUnited StatesMale
John HudakUnited StatesMale
CroinersUnited StatesMale
Body Without OrgansUnited StatesMale
PsychodramaUnited StatesMale
Donald MillerUnited StatesMale
If, Bwana & NomuzicUnited StatesMale
Order Of Flesh And BloodUnited StatesMale
Lieutenant CaramelUnited StatesMale
LaraajiUnited StatesMale
Emerald WebUnited StatesMale
WavestarUnited StatesMale
Anthony PhillipsUnited StatesMale
Jim BartzUnited StatesMale
Wendy CarlosUnited StatesMale
Don SlepianUnited StatesMale
SynergyUnited StatesMale
Neil NappeUnited StatesMale
Robert RichUnited StatesMale
Grey SlayUnited StatesMale
Randall TylerUnited StatesMale
James BoringUnited StatesMale
Harman, Diaz Infante TrioUnited StatesMale
Harry PierceUnited StatesMale
Hawkfeather MagickUnited StatesMale
Madge FreemanUnited StatesMale
HoneyUnited StatesMale