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"Traumpfad" (A Travelogue In Three Acts)

Artist: Infected Wound

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Monstrum Humanum, MH 2, Wound, Wound 8
Format: Vinyl Lp

Companies, etc.



Edition of 500 numbered copies with a A5 sized 12-page booklet.
Paper cover with a stuck image on the front, wrapped around a white die-cut sleeve.
Blank white labels. Only a single word is handwritten on the A-side, every copy has a different word (i.e. "ego", "neuropa", "wound", etc.).

Recorded from March to August 1993 e.v.
Recordings for track A2 made in Faridabad, April 1992 e.v.
Recordings for the background of track B7 made in Dharamsala, June 1992 e.v.

Tracklist in booklet have listed 3 more tracks which appear on the tape version only:
- "Pränatal" before track A1,
- "Drowned In Himal (Way To Ktm) including: "The Blue Heart" (Bamboo Lodge)" between tracks B1 and B2,
- "Postmortem" after track B7 .

Describing a journey through India, Nepal and Tibet.
German experimental music including ritual, Indian and dark folk influences.
Track A7 is based on a bang lassi-experience. A psychedelic drug legally sold in some holy Indian cities; Varanasi (Benares), 27. April 1992 e.v.