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AHAHAHA8. Revue Pour Le Verbo Plasticisme

Artist: Various

Year: 1970
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: AH, VR 503
Format: Vinyl Lp


    AHAHAHA8. Revue Pour Le Verbo Plasticisme
A1 Gust Gils Consonance  
A2 Maurizio Nannucci Rosso  
A3 Paul de Vree* - Cor Doesburg* Organon  
A4 Paul de Vree* - Cor Doesburg* Exodus  
    8HAHAHAH. Revue Pour Le Verbo Plasticisme
B1 Fred van der Kooy Judy  
B2 Deman-AH* Ritmecellage  
B3 Deman-AH* Réveil Du Chaos: Fonisch Gedeelte/Phonical Part  
B4 Deman-AH* Hommage Á Orff: Auditief Slotstuk Van 'Sixclus'/Audible Final Piece Of 'Sixclus'  


Record (Sonico) includes literary magazine AH Nr.8, Nov '68-Nov '69 (Graphico).

Sleeve (31x28cm front; 31x30.5cm back) has a hole. The cut-out piece has a red dot and is pasted-on below. A black sticker with a red dot glued to the protective inner sleeve is visible through the hole of the outer sleeve.

Inserts (the magazine):
- Table of contents (1 stencil)
- Gust Gils - Consonance. Inleiding (1 stencil)
- Deman - Verbo(f/s)onie & Fonografie (5 stencils)
- Deman - Score Of A Phonography (21 stencils)
- Cor Doesburg - Organon (13 stencils containing the score for Deman's Organon)
- Notes Du Reveil Du Chaos (two A3-sized stencils)

Edition of 300 copies.