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Articles to the ABUSE Case in 1992 provided by Akiko ada who was 21 at the time and not 13 as Gen was accused for

Artist: Psychic TV

Year: 1992
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

Comments by Akiko Hada


01) The original Observer article (16 February 1992)
Right at the end they discuss my genitals: the docor "who has assited the police in over 100 child sex abuse investigations" says he thinks I was 13 or 14!!! (I was 21, FYI.) So I became part of their excuse for such an absurd allegation :-(((

02) The Mail (23 February 1992)
The first time The Mail wrote something sensible!!

03) Independent on Sunday (23 February 1992) Derek speaks...

04) Fortean Times (No. 64, August-September 1992) 05) i-D (I'm afraid I don't have the date for this article.)

+ A letter from Channel 4, not directly from the department that commissioned the programme but from my commissioning editor.