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A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst Volume 1)

Artist: Various

Year: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: A Classic slice of teenage angst fanzine) 1979
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 –Mr. Domestos & The Bok Mystery Band  
A2 –Mr. Domestos & The Bok The Uri Geller Song  
A3 –Mr. Domestos & The Bok Happy Birthday  
A4 –The Manchester Mekon* Ignorance Of The Crunds (Excerpt)  
A5 –The Manchester Mekon* Filmusic (Excerpt)  
A6 –The Manchester Mekon* The Idle Gnome Expedition (Excerpt)  
A7 –The Manchester Mekon* Cadiz (Excerpt)  
A8 –The Manchester Mekon* The Impossible Air-Sea Rescue (Excerpt)  
A9 –Restless Day Autopilot One  
A10 –Restless Day Zone  
A11 –Anthrax For The People OK Man It's Your World  
A12 –Coventry Z Z Z Sub Lead  
A13 –Coventry Z Z Z Rediscovered Idealism No. 3  
A14 –Les Weebs Hooray For Hollywood  
A15 –Les Weebs Pratfall  
B1 –The Mysterons (9) On The Beach  
B2 –Bryan Talbot (2) Alternative Comix  
B3 –From Chorley Intro (Excerpt)  
B4 –From Chorley Hate The Kitchen (Excerpt)  
B5 –From Chorley Amazon Nugget Dealer (Excerpt)  
B6 –Paul Cookson & Lorraine Hickey Ashes To Ashes  
B7 –Paul Cookson & Lorraine Hickey Isn't It Strange?  
B8 –Paul Cookson & Lorraine Hickey The Monk  
B9 –White Steel Little Green Men Have Landed  
B10 –White Steel God's Gift To Mankind