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Arbeit Macht Frei

Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Banned Production, b/12
Format: Tape
A1 AMK– Interview Excerpt With AMK on Newsounds Gallery, July 23
A2 Abstract Belief– Article (from "The End Justifies The Means" b/8)
A3 AMK– Interview Excerpt
A4 White Hand– One Blood, One Land (from "Second Edition" b/7)
A5 AMK– Interview Exerpt
A6 AMK, Abstract Belief– Part 3 (from the tape "Cute Co-ed Outcall" b/9)
A7 blackhumour– Excerpt From "Loss" (from "In Another Context" b/11)
A8 AMK– Interview Excerpt
A9 The Grey Wolves– Excerpt From "Incisions"
A10 AMK– Interview Excerpt
A11 AMK/GX– Things We Do
B1 White Hand– Rhythm Tracks
B2 Abstract Belief– Tape Looped
B3 Banned Production– Abstractions
B4 White Hand– Screams That Whisper
B5 White Hand– Rhythm Tracks
B6 Banned Production– Cleancut Lads
B7 Banned Production– Christian Raiders
B8 White Hand– Excerpt RAW
B9 Klab– Outtake Psychic Driving
From banned PRODUCTS catalog:
"This release is available only in trade or for promotional purposes. It features one side of various tracks from banned [PRODUCTIONS] and a b-side of unfinished or unreleased material. We invite you to use these pieces on your own compositions, in live performances, or on any compilations."