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Armut Stillt Hunger

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Catalog No: S&M Production
Format: Tape
 Tape 1 A

01.Braune Gesellen (Neue Wohn Kultur)
02.Aglowing Ambrosia (Santtra)
03.Was willst du mehr (Dai-J)
04.Staatsbesuch (Ceresit)
05.??? (Dead Chickens)
06.Lutsch doch (VEB Sehnsucht)
07.Bound (Dawn Age)
08.Gamma Ray (Fish)

Tape 1 B

09.No extreme (The Cute Boys)
10.Tribes (Volume Unit)
11.Kill me (Intensive Red)
12.Berlin Werwolfes (HooDoo)
13.Psychomodo (Geduld)
14.Walking ocean blvd (The Chud)
15.Love is no sin (Tulips)
16.Leave us alone (Goo Goo Muck)
17.Not you (Matador)
18.Three gallows (Ceresit)
19.Last adventure (HooDoo)
20.??? (Dai-J)

Tape 2 A

01.Pancho (Ceresit)
02.Fantasie in e-moll (Fish)
03.Sweet bad luck (Intensive Red)
04.Strahlende Zukunft (Neue Wohn Kultur)
05.Ma Ma Maschinen (VEB Sehnsucht)
06.Sklaven (Dai-J)
07.Canned existance (Dawn Age)
08.I dont need (The Cute Boys)
09.??? (Dead Chickens)
10.Seed of hoodoo (HooDoo)
11.Vier Minuten oben (Geduld)

Tape 2 B

12.What goes on (Black Carnations)
13.Little child (Goo Goo Muck)
14.Betrayed (Matador)
15.Wake up (Tulips)
16.Carry go bring come (Yebo Rockers)
17.Independant anniversary (Yebo Rockers)
18.1-2-5 (The What For)
19.Baby please dont go (The What For)
20.Blues theme (The What For)
21.No next time (Volume Unit)
22.Light my day (Yebo Rockers)
23.Falx Cerebri (Graf Haufen)