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Art - Vol. 1 "Musik"

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Drahtfunk-Products, DFP024
Format: Tape
A1 Rise And Decline Brain 3:05
A2 SHA 261 Junk-Martian Star 1:15
A3 Closed Curcuit* Computerkunst 2:25
A4 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Strucking Mucus 5:57
A5 Technostria Desire Of Expression 5:20
A6 faktor X* I Love You 9:54
A7 Das Kombinat Leistungspotential 3:39
A8 De Fabriek K.L.A.B. 14:35
B1 Brume I Am You 7:18
B2 KOE* Excerpt Of Disappearing Agony 6:35
B3 S·Core Massenger 5:03
B4 MØHR Der Moloch 8:31
B5 Entre Vifs Session XVII / Acier Rapide 5:57
B6 Amputation Group The Four Elements 6:24
B7 Etat Des Stocks Abstract I 2:54
B8 Etat Des Stocks Abstract II 2:21


Cassette with photo cover in snap-case, affixed to a special envelope containing a booklet with textbook information on music, visual/textual contributions from the artists involved, and contact info.