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Assasin - Kassette Nr. 6 / 7 Kassettensondernummer II / Live Sex By Phone - Erection Connection

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: (?+RQ-J6) Tape Production ?– none, Assasin ?– Nr. 6/7
Format: Tape
    Assasin Nr. 6/7 - Kazettensondernummer II
A1 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.1 (Der Direktor & Seine Geschäftsführerin Spricht)  
A2 –Spermaton Mann & Papagei  
A3 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.2 (Der Kritiker Spricht)  
A4 –Hallo Omi & Die An(n)or(m)alen Hinkels Massenmörderfank  
A5 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.3 (Der Fan Spricht)  
A6 –Facon Facon Topsy Turvy  
A7 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.4 (The Mad Psychologist)  
A8 –Surplus Stock Dance The Night Away (Special German Discomix)  
A9 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.5 (Der Direktor Droht, Der Fan Erzählt)  
A10 –Überhaupt Meister Eder, Pumuckl  
B11 –No Artist Hörspiel Pt.6 (Der Musikredakteur Kommt Zu Wort)  
B12 –Einstürzende Neubauten Hospitalistische Kinder / Engel Der Vernichtung  
B13 –No Artist Hörspiel Ist Endlich Zuende  
B14 –No Artist Interview Mit Test Department  
B15 –Test Department* In Uniforms  
B16 –Boeldicke* Zusammen mit Kot (7) Dumm Und Proletarisch  
B17 –Hapunkt* Der Flop  
B18 –No Artist Sex-Umfrage Live Im Risiko  
B19 –No Artist Assasin Anspieltips  
B20 –No Artist Outro  
    Cut Up Swingers ‎– Live Sex By Phone - Erection Connection
C –Cut Up Swingers* Jackpot  
D –Cut Up Swingers* Live 1.1.1984  
  • Voice Actor [Direktor] – Sherlock Preiswert (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Musikredakteur] – Beinhard Attraktiv* (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Norbert, Der Fan Nummer 1] – Stefan Hoenerloh (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Professor Doktor Boris Luban Plotzer] – Holger Hastig (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Rattengift, Der Kritiker] – Ralf Rexin (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Sprecherin] – Coca Cola (2) (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
  • Voice Actor [Toxi Lethal, Die Geschäftsführerin] – Celine (21) (tracks: A1, A3, A5, A7, A9, B11)
The first 36 copies of the double-number of the fanzine "Assasin" No. 6&7" and with a compilation and additional with an exclusive tape by the Cut-up Swingers.

Continuous tracknumbering on release of the Assasin Kazettensondernnummer.

Tracks A1, A3, A5, A7, A9 and B11 feature a radio play referred to as "Ergreifende Eindrücke In Das Innenleben Eines Pressegiganten: Ein Hörspiel in 6 Teilen." (translated: "Touching impressions of the inner workings of a press giant: A radioplay in 6 parts.")
Track A10 is a little mini radio play by Überhaupt featuring some of their songs.
B18 is listed wrongly as track 16 and features interviews with drunk people in the Berlin underground hangout Risiko, Berlin about their sex life and sexual preferences.
B19 is also not listed in the tracklisting and features clips from various tape and vinyl releases written about in the print magazine.

The tape by Cut-Up Swingers is also referred to as just "Jackpot".