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Bad Alchemy 23

Artist: Various

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 23
Format: Tape


A1a Reinhold Brunner Zwei Stücke: Wider M Git. 3:00
A1b Reinhold Brunner Zwei Stücke: Uzerig 2:30
A2 Reinhold Brunner Industrila 4:00
A3 Reinhold Brunner Hettstadt Lignum I + II 14:05
B1 Hithlahabuth Irrsal 8:45
B2 Maeror Tri Philemon 13:00


Included with issue 23 of Bad Alchemy magazine which is 76 pages and includes features on Reinhold Brunner, Hafler Trio, Hithlahabuth, Mark Perry, an interview with Martin Erdmann about Cage, Feldman and more, Outside Music from Spain 3, Nordland overview 2, reviews, and a discussion about Noise Culture.