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Band-It 12 Cassette Magazine

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Kassetto Fix, Band-It 12
Format: Tape
A1 –Neale Harmer Political Stance Cassette (Excerpt)  
A2 –Reasonable Strollers Secure Cassette & Tools For Africa 7" (Excerpt)  
A3 –The Chains Of Hell Orchestra Doctor's Daughter Cassette & Cairo's Ride Cassette (Excerpt)  
A4 –Neue Paranoia Neue Paranoia Cassette (Excerpt)  
A5 –Schwarz Weiss (2) Von Unten... (Excerpt)  
A6 –Heute Noch Ist Polen Nicht Verloren Cassette (Excerpt)  
A7 –Various 3. Kassetto Fix Festival, Kulmbach 10.12.1983 (Statements)  
A8 –Der Mittelstand / Die Sauberen Drei Ausser Atem Cassette / Live Cassette (Excerpt)  
A9 –Various Ohne Label, München (Selbstdarstellung)  
A10 –Ice 9 P.F.L.P. (Excerpt)  
A11 –Alu / Attrition Cassette (Excerpt)  
B1 –Blue China Spiritual Beauty LP (Excerpt)  
B2 –Zusatzzahl Alles Egal Cassette (Excerpt)  
B3 –Various Rising From The Red Sand Vol. 3-5 Compilation Tapes (Excerpt)  
B4 –Various "Ein Herz In Not" Cassette (Excerpt)  
B5 –Roger Id Statement to the track "Moloko Plus"  
B6 –Cleaners From Venus In The Golden Autumn Cassette (Excerpt)  
B7 –Various Pluralism Sampler Cassette (Excerpt)  
B8 –Dead Pygmies Live Cassette (Excerpt)  
B9 –Rimarimba Below The Horizon Cassette (Excerpt)  
B10 –MDK* Der Tag Schlägt Zu 12" (Excerpt)  
B11 –Alu Ungesunde Traumbilder Cassette (Excerpt)  
B12 –The Shriek Sex Sells LP (Excerpt)  
B13 –Thomas Struszka Die Endgültige Cassette (Excerpt)  
Cassette-zine with booklet in cardboard box (with a mix of reviews, excerpts, statements and more)