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Bilateral Separation

Artist: Various

Year: 1996
Country: United States
Catalog No: Clotted Meat Portioning; CLOT-10
Format: Tape
A1 –Hyware / Con-Dom Hyperemian / The Milk Of Human Kindness (Bondage)  
A2 –Red Gnein Sextet / MSBR Xena / Che Gebara  
A3 –Skin Crime / Richard Ramirez Flesh Rot / Fluid  
A4 –Erosore / Near Earth Objects Tonguing The Hole / Transversally Reinforced  
A5 –Thirdorgan / Macronympha 0-157 / CTC Fixation  
B1 –Aube / Kapotte Muziek Ionosphere IV / Source To  
B2 –Evil Moisture / The Genitals PVC Pipe Weld / William Bennet's Anus Fits Me  
B3 –K2 / Bacillus Unubolle-To-Sanmi / Invasive Procedure  
B4 –Knurl / Smell & Quim Atrophy / Meat + 3 Vegetables  
B5 –Pain Jerk / Incapacitants Untitled / No Title  
A split channel compilation featuring different sound artists on the left and right channels to be played either alone or simultaneously. In other words, there are technically 20 tracks, not 10. The left most artist and title featured corresponds to the left channel and vice  versa.