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Chasing Tires

Artist: John Bartles

Year: 1992
Country: United States
Catalog No: Buzzo Music
Format: Tape
A1 –John Bartles & Zimmerman Telegram Presidents Brain  
A2 –John Bartles & Zimmerman Telegram That's The Way We Are  
A3 –John Bartles & Flat Animal Big Long Hairy Scarey Thing  
A4 –John Bartles & Kick Me Toxic Fire  
B1 –John Bartles & Zimmerman Telegram Seneca Bingo  
B2 –John Bartles & Radio Allen Lake Rand St  
B3 –John Bartles & Zimmerman Telegram Queer  
B4 –John Bartles & James (80) Jazz Bar  
B5 –John Bartles & Zimmerman Telegram S.B. (Revisited)  
"The music on this tape is from albums that were never released entitled: "Chemical Engineers" by JB, and Zimmerman Telegram [...] Also included 3 other tracks never released"