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Fire Engine 201

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Norway
Catalog No: Hypertonia World Enterprises; HWE 058
Format: Tape
A01 –Girth So Hard 2:27
A02 –The Blood Oranges* Checkered Land 3:26
A03 –Sosumi This Is Supposed To Be Fun 3:20
A04 –Trespassers W Cult Hero 2:49
A05 –Pin Prick Censuré 1:15
A06 –Political Asylum Wish She Were Here 3:04
A07 –John Bartles Used To Be A Preacher 2:57
A08 –Marilyn's Army Puppets Of A Broken Dream 3:30
A09 –J Rock & The Conspiracy @ Crew Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap 6:06
A10 –Modern Art (2) All Aboard The Mind Train 3:43
A11 –Girth Self Destruct 2:45
A12 –Eden (27) Die Lonely 4:18
A13 –T.Wayne Wilson Local Girl 3:06
A14 –Gold-Plated Haemorrhoids Happy Haemorrhoids 1:33
B01 –Mata Rata Milk Carton Kids 1:32
B02 –Storemage Propaganda Girls 4:49
B03 –Walter Ulbricht Experience* Ich War Eine Dose 3:24
B04 –Oblivion Grin God's Chosen People 2:35
B05 –T.Wayne Wilson Two Hearts 2:13
B06 –Eden (27) It's For Good 4:48
B07 –John Bartles President's Head 1:52
B08 –Fusebox (2) Under My Skin 2:47
B09 –Mata Rata Intergalactic Cross-time Mind Control God Patrol 4:40
B10 –Pin Prick E2FAC2E 1:11
B11 –Remember Fun Apple Of My Eye 2:03
B12 –Oblivion Grin New Age 4:17
B13 –The Blood Oranges* Nightmare 2:40
B14 –3 Men Pissing In The Rain Moody 3:18
B15 –Sack* Aquarium 1:28
  • Artwork By [Front Cover] – Espen (6)
  • Artwork By [Hypertonia Logo, Label Designes] – A.Balsam
  • Compiled By, Edited By – J. R. Bruun