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Circles Of Infinity

Artist: Various

Year: 1998
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Myotis Records, MYO.002
Format: Tape
A1 –Bad Sector S200Gas FX  
A2 –Troum Krêt  
A3 –Brume Dervishes On Fire  
B1 –Caspar C.O.C.* Helix Of Exist  
B2 –Ultra Milkmaids & Etereo Expandeum Club Telecycle  
B3 –Inade Ptok Kaleidoscope  
B4 –Rapoon Trial Of Lies  
C1 –Toy Bizarre KDI DCTB 13: Pièce Avec Fourmis, Oiseaux Et Système Feedback  
C2 –Kapotte Muziek Infinity  
C3 –Aube R-Mist  
C4 –Klangkrieg HAL  
D1 –Veil Of Secrecy Time Eternal  
D2 –Q-Sphere Rotae Mundi  
D3 –Big City Orchestra Circle Danse  
D4 –Tesendalo Kein Anfang  
Packaged in a double-tape snap-case with color cover and translucent insert.
Limited to 150 copies.

Troum: recorded December 1997.
Brume: composed, recorded & mixed at Brume, July 1997.
Ultra Milkmaids & Etereo Expandeum Club: recorded Nov.-Dec. 1997.
Toy Bizarre: recorded October 1997.
Kapotte Muziek: source: 2 marbles, 1 tin can, 1 sampler.
Aube: composed, mixed and recorded at Studio Mecca, Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 1997 - Feb. 1998. Using only the metal as source material.
Q-Sphere: composed and engineered at Big Mac's, March 1998.