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Coconadindina 2

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Belgium
Label: 3Rio Tapes
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 –Rudolfo Misterio* Theme For An Imaginary Tape Compilation  
A2 –Plikat Fleck Triade  
A3 –S-Ink Draghound  
A4 –Dessidents Veranderüng  
A5 –Vita Noctis Praxis  
A6 –Tone Poets Panic  
A7 –Katharsis Dr. Alley Sex  
A8 –PGR This World Is Like A Buzz Saw  
B1 –J.R. Tura Last Live Performance  
B2 –Los Pacos Live At Roekloos May 86 Aarschot  
B3 –Hybryds Kill The Beast  
B4 –Quesquesexa 8'Clock  
B5 –Die Rote Fabrik Garden Of Eden  
B6 –Politics Of Experience Animals  
B7 –Bondage Boys & The Beast Tomorrows World  
B8 –Nicky Ricci's White Trash Holidays In Hell  
B9 –Kunz Peter Tribe