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Conventional Sounds

Artist: The Ordinary

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Airwaves 9:36
A2 Silent Night (In Africa) 4:46
A3 Rules 5:01
A4 One Step Behind 1:20
A5 Hello/Goodbye 7:40
B1 I'm Warning You 2:37
B2 Health And Disturbance 5:30
B3 Arrived 5:52
B4 Shaking All Over (Dub) 4:37
B5 War On What? 9:53
Original notes:

'"Rock radicals" are busy preaching liberation through unliberated music and the un-pretentious are the most pretentious of all. What makes them think that they have found "the answer"? Such is the world in which we work.

"But all this comes as an after-thought. Please accept this in the spirit in which it was intended - a selection from the past (coincidences noted) to bring us to the present. We now wish to play live and record in private considering release afterwards. We are also interested in playing with other people. If you are interested in any way please write to..."

"Sorry about the distortion."