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Rock'n'Roll Is The Most

Artist: WeR7

Year: 1983
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, MFM, 4
Format: Tape
A1 She's My Baby  
A2 A Tribute To Jo Change (1)  
A3 Lost George  
A4 "...Snakes Sang"  
A5 Let Freedom Reign  
A6 A Place Of My Own  
B1 Radio Dromedary  
B2 Promised Land  
B3 Haunted House  
B4 "Obviously Nigger Music"  
B5 Jo Change (2)  
B6 Yesterday  
B7 Don't Surrender  
B8 Lard  
"Recorded by Conventional Tapes, 1 Atkinson Court, 2 King Close, London E.10. Available from Music For Midgets, 40 Thompson Road, Langley Green, West Midlands.
Members of WeR7 can be found on tapes by The Ordinary, The Casual Labourers, The Door And The Window, The Modern Art, New 7th Music and Mystery Plane."
This release has been licensed by Music For Midgets to Calypso Now.