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Corpus Delicti

Artist: Various

Year: 1992
Country: Portugal
Catalog No: Anti Demos Cracia, ADC-003
Format: Tape
A1 Hydrom Line - Reflextions 1st Remix
A2 Sektor - No Slaves - Loop Mix Version
A3 Siegmar Fricke - Simon Cohen
A4 Manual Performance - Mostaganemy
A5 Psycotic Overdrive - Twilight Zone
A6 Klimperei - Les Bras Autour Du Cou La Salle Des Pas Perdus
B1 Residuos Tóxicos - Nuvens De Fumo Negro Escurecem A Cidade
B2 Flagrants D'Eli - Action & Reaction
B3 Stefano Biasin - Noise Zanicchi
B4 White House White - Untitled
B5 Erros Alternados - Untitled
Anti Demos Cracia, A/C António Caeiro