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Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Dendrite Tapes DT11
Format: Tape
A-1 –Vict What To Disturb  
A-2 –Alain Basso Les Mots Autour De L'abime  
A-3 –1348 Slow Eternal Course  
A-4 –Nota Contrite Kitsch Inks The Zombie Nurse  
A-5 –K. Janson Untitled  
A-6 –Deleted When The Nights Over  
A-7 –L.S.D. (3) Occhi Sorriso  
A-8 –Catharsist Damaged Area  
A-9 –Kapotte Muziek The Process 3  
B-1 –La Sonorité Jaune Siena  
B-2 –Fovea Body  
B-3 –The Grey Wolves, Condom Live Assault  
B-4 –Phaeton Dernière Danse Unsure Du Silence / Epuisement Des Energies  
B-5 –Bercomize Lluvia Acida (excerpt)  
B-6 –Esruk Marv  
B-7 –Context (3) Product 37  
B-8 –S. Ugo Rosin* Infinite Soul  
B-9 –New Carrollton False Triad  
Small run, hand duplicated cassette compilation from Vancouver, BC.