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Durchschnittsanfall 3&4

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion Pr14, Prion Pr15 Series: Durchschnittsanfall 3/4
Format: Tape-2
AA –Javier Cordoba Solano Sunrise-Sunlit-Autumn Evening Feelings  
AB –Lieutenant Caramel Les Delices De La Foret Noire  
AC –Bomb The Daynursery Amber  
AD –Attrition The Game Is Up (Live In Strasbourg 27/2/87)  
AE –Bill Mackechnie / Chris Marion III Saigon Daydream  
AF –Nostalgie Eternelle Strange Grace  
AG –Solanaceae Tau Jääärne  
BH –Swab Sound Horror Cistic Ambroze  
BI –Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble Search (In Colaboration With FDW)  
BJ –Viktimized Karcass Blame It All On Myself  
BK –Smersh Just Talk To Me  
BL –Modern Art (2) Silver Halflight  
BM –Merzbow Message From Milton Meinung  
BN –Deaf Goes East Stuttering Eastern Machines  
CA –Andrzej Dudek Dürer* Protect Your Psych... (Excerpt)  
CB –Big City Orchestra Thank You  
CC –Sack* Destroying Musack  
CD –L.S.D. (3) Antipleasure  
CE –Zombies Under Stress Communication?  
CF –Alien Planetscapes Galaxy 1987 A (Excerpt)  
CG –JFK (2) The Sexgods/slaves  
CH –De Fabriek De Stem Doodt... (The Voice Kills)  
CI –Radical Change & Lyke Wake Sexual Delight  
CJ –Arnold Mathes Crooked Man  
DK –S·Core Tangle  
DL –Architects Office Caswallon Postlude (Live In San Francisco 29/3/87)  
DM –Prima Materia (2) / Arnovah Animal Control 2  
DN –Doc Wör Mirran Schizo Landscape  
DO –David Prescott Liberate Academia (Excerpt)  
DP –Con-Dom Kneel '87  
DQ –Vandal X Artaud  
DR –Kopfschmerztablette A 1418  
Comes with a 20-page A5 booklet limited to 250 copies. The C60 (side A+B) and C90 (side C+D) cassettes are packed in single snap-cases with J-cards and two label address sheets.

The track-numbering on release is alphabetical and continuous instead of numerical for each tape.