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Festival of the Swamps presents Scabby Waters

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audio Muzixa Qet
Format: Tape

  Side Swamp
A1 –No Artist Noise: Cherokee Marsh 1:03
A2 –Miekal And Voice 1:08
A3 –No Artist Noise: Widget 0:49
A4 –No Artist Noise: Baby Grand 1:27
A5 –Malok Voice 2:19
A6 –No Artist Noise: Sheet Metal 1:15
A7 –Malok Voice 3:59
A8 –No Artist Noise: Liaizon Wakest 1:32
A9 –Crag Hill Voice 2:44
A10 –Unknown Artist Noise: Piano Harp 1:35
A11 –DNA (81) Voice 1:46
A12 –Floating Concrete Octopus Burial Song 3:48
A13 –Floating Concrete Octopus Electro-Magnetic Disturbances Of The Ether Clock 7:24
    Side Bog
B1 –Sophia De Azua Voice 1:16
B2 –Unknown Artist Noise: Calypso Thumb Piano 1:21
B3 –Liz Was* Voice 5:41
B4 –Unknown Artist Noise: Bronze Bell 1:34
B5 –Arno Tibbetts Voice 2:17
B6 –Unknown Artist Noise: Humpty-Dumpty Toy 1:57
B7 –Arno Tibbetts Voice 0:44
B8 –Unknown Artist Noise: Soft Science Random Tone Generator 5:16
B9 –No Artist Noise: Widget 0:45
B10 –Jako (14) Voice W/ JuJu Drums 3:26
B11 –John Wiggins, Gen Ken* Noise: Demagnetised Bartok 4:16
B12 –Floating Concrete Octopus Noise: Violins 1:34
B13 –No Artist Noise: Widget 0:39
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – The Avant Garde Museum Of Temporary Art
  • Recorded By – Miekal And
Released in a computer printed paper j-card, with multifolded computer-printed insert.
Cassette case may feature stickers on the inside and outside too.

"[Static interference courtesy of ghost electronics]"

Recorded at the Avant Garde Museum of Temporary Arts during early August 1989.
Copied in real time on chromium high-bias tapes with Dolby C.