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Games of Divinity

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Norway
Catalog No: Broad Broadcasting
Format: Tape
A1 Spinster & Wolf– The Point On The Riviera (Exerpt)
A2 Notorische Reflexe– Live 1.4.1984 Norway
A3 G. Windeng*– Prelude
A4 Paul Anka– Dardalin'
A5 The Colour Of Red– He's The Greatest Dancer
A6 E.Gover*– Tap Your Foot
A7 No Artist– 0 '29.46555 ' '
A8 Lakune– A Way To Kembo
A9 Russian Poet*– Zamir
A10 Menschliches Allzumenschliches– Parodi 1
A11 Spectravideo 318– Octet

B1 Unknown Artist– Nok
B2 Memphis Tennessee*– Buffalo Pitch (Dionysic Edition)
B3 Memphis T.*– Stretch
B4 Probably Dead– Break Up

B5 Unknown Artist– Terrakotta
B6 Unknown Artist– Invisible
B7 Notorische Reflexe– Live 1.4.1984 Norway
B8 Autistiske Barn– Smeden
B9 Memphis T.*– Screwed Up
B10 Wahn (2)– Tabu
B11 Arranged Accident– 9 Pieces