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H.N.A.S. (Hirsche nicht aufs Sofa)

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: Usually as HNAS. A German post-industrial trio of the Christoph and Andreas Martin HEEMANN and Achim ”DR. P. LI. KHAN” FLAMM, operating from 1983 to 1993. In their work they applied a collage technique to fuse psychedelic rock/krautrock, the industrial avant-garde of rock music and academic experimental electronic music. The lyrics were concerned with surrealistic dreams, a Dadaist sense of humour and child-like sensitivity to the surrounding world. Their collaborators included the likes of Steven STAPLETON (aka NURSE WITH WOUND) and his partner Diana ROGERSON. After the project was terminated, FLAMM went on to operate on a solo basis and in another project he formed with Frank ROWENTA, ROWENTA/ KHAN. Discography: as MIESES GEGONGE Chormborssie (Dom 1984) tape Die Versuchung Des Metzgers (Dom 1984) tape Lottoglu?ck Unt (Dom 1984) tape Puppe Oder Girl? (Dom 1984) tape Runter Da, Zimsterne Und Baghwan Ju?nger (Dom 1984) tape as H.N.A.S. / MIESES GEGONGE Abwassermusik (Dom 1985) CD as MIESES GEGONGE Live (Dom 1985) tape Die Drehorgel Als Feuerspritze (Dom 1986) tape Ku?tel Im Frost (Dom 1986) CD Melchior (Aufmarsch Der Schlampen) (Dom 1986) CD Blumenstrauß Vor Eiffelturm (Dom 1987) tape collaboration with Frank DOMMERT Hunsru?ck / Ramon Der Monsterjunge (Dom 1987) 7” EP Im Schatten Der Mo?hre (Dom 1987) CD The Humour And Wit Of... (Dom 1987) tape as G. GONGE La?uten Gongen Musizieren (Dom 1987) tape Ach, Dieser Bart! (KK Records 1988) LP Als Der Morgen Kam, War Es, Als Sei Nur Eine Nacht Vergangen (KK Records 1988) 7” EP Bitte Werfen Sie Ihren Mu?ll Aus Dem Fenster (Freedom In A Vacuum 1988) LP Ich Kannte Einen Gummibaum (Dom 1988) tape The Book Of Dingeskirchen (Dom 1988) CD split with VOX POPULI! Face To Face Vol. 2 (Odd Size 1989) LP